OTTA is a vendor for the Bergmann Project, an endowment received by Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation, to provide performing arts programs for underserved youth. Students grade 4 through 12 enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program are eligible for scholarships to take weekly semi-private music lessons in strings, voice and winds from OTTA and other district approved music teachers.

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OTTA offers private and group instruction for all levels in piano, voice, guitar, wind instruments, string instruments, as well as band ensemble workshops. Providing instruction taught by professional music educators, this program allows students to discover hidden talents and fine tune their playing abilities in a creative, stimulating and supportive environment.

Outreach Through The Arts was started by Lana Negrete, and was fiscally sponsored by CRE Outreach starting in 2014 to bring the transformative power of the arts to underserved communities in Los Angeles. OTTA provides school programming in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and individual instrument lessons and music instruction scholarships for over 350 underserved youth.



Most recently we built the LAB - to serve both young and older kids on the production side of music and media. Together with our partnership with the Juvenille Diversion program at CCPD and SMPD, students who are interested in a career path in music can learn about ableton live, logic pro, protools, post production (sound engineering) - and even podcasting.


Learn to play in an ensemble with perfect bowing techniques, master tone, and music note reading while playing your favorite pop music at local-grown Santa Monica Music Center.


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Grandmother, High School Tuba Player

I have watched him blossom as he has become an amazing tuba player. His weekly lessons provide him the instruction and confidence to continue to play in the band at school. Recently he got accepted into the highest band and OTTA helped prepare him for that. The teacher and staff worked extra hours with him to prepare his piece for audition, wrote out an original piece for him to perform and even attended in support his audition. They have been the highlight of our lives. We appreciate everyone behind the organization and we love working with Teacher Dan.


My daughter has benefited greatly from OTTA. She has been able to take voice lessons with an amazing instructor that would have been completely out of our reach otherwise. This allowed my daughter to reach her potential in something that she loves doing and be competitive at school with extremely talented kids who take private music lessons to stand out. She would have never been able to achieve the things that she has if it wasn’t for her outstanding music teacher and OTTA.


The OTTA program has given my daughter the opportunity to take on an instrument and get private lessons with such extraordinary teachers ! She would be way behind at school if it wasn’t for this program and it’s also more fun for her than a classroom with many disruptions. I feel without this program I couldn’t have afforded to give my child the love of music and to continue it because it’s so rewarding and fun ! Thank you OTTA for helping me and so many other students who want to learn and grow with music .

A.H 4th grade student

I LOVE OTTA! Thank you so much for teaching me ! I have learned so much , so fast ! And the teachers ROCK!!


I enjoy learning new songs.
Teacher Cindy is nice and beautiful. Piano is fun, I like playing in the piano and seeing Lana and Mia.

Konni Eggers

If it weren’t for OTTA, I don’t think I would have ever considered putting my kids in music. My daughters took lessons with Teacher Cindy and she is a wonderful instructor. I really feel like it helped their self esteem. Reading music takes a great deal of focus. I believe reading and playing music allowed them to both think critically and creatively. This skill will assist them in anything they undertake in the future. Santa Monica Music Center has amazing group of staff and students, I am proud to say my kids take lessons there.

Parents of 7th grader Violinist, 5th grader Chorus

OTTA has helped both our girls grow in their musical instruments. Our eldest plays violin at school and was not excited about practicing until she started taking lesson through the OTTA program. Now she has confidence and looks forward to picking up her violin. We are grateful this program exists and saved our daughter from putting down her instrument. Being in music has opened many doors for her and now she feels a part of something bigger at school.


Luis is nice and I liked when he helped me improve songs on the violin.