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Joan Matsuoka Torfeh

Joan Matsuoka Torfeh grew up in the Bay Area where she began her musical studies with Stephen Herrold. She attended summer workshops in solo performance and chamber ensemble in Napa Valley with renowned cello educator Margaret Rowell. She was a member of the Santa Clara Valley Symphony, El Camino Opera, the Gilbert & Sullivan Society and the San Francisco Chamber Ensemble. Ms. Torfeh relocated to the Inland Empire where she played with the Redlands Bowl Orchestra, the Redlands Symphony and the Riverside Opera. She also played in orchestras performing with artists including Smokey Robinson, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert. During this time, she also earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, leading to work as manager and contractor of various performing chamber ensembles. She then moved to Los Angeles where she began recording work and movie sidelining, and was a member of the Asian American Symphony. Most recently, she has performed for school concerts and demonstrations in the Culver City Unified School District under the auspices of the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, introducing classical music to elementary school children. Ms. Torfeh has taught at the Culver City Music Center since 2013.

Cello, Violin

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