Yin Jiang


Over the past 30 years, I've taught hundreds of students from kindergarten to college graduates, children to adults, young and old! Some of my students received Merit and Excellent at the Royal School of Music, Grades 1-8. Some of my students have won First Prize for the Kiwanis International Music Scholarship Awards and other competitions. Some went on to pursue music as their careers! I always combine my overall music experience into teaching. I believe that music has a very important role in one's life and has an especially positive effect on children's intellectual development. Therefore, through learning a musical instrument such as violin or piano, the student will learn to develop the abilities of using logic and reasoning, attention to details, multitasking, discipline, focus, patience, and coordination control between they eyes, mind and body. I also want my students to be independent, therefore I combining some basic training materials with the Suzuki book as a fun way to teach students to read and play at the same time.

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