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Come in Today (3/26) to Sign the Cal Arts Petition & Get a Free Lesson!

Come in person Saturday and sign the Cal Arts petition to add $800 million to $1 billion every year to arts and music education in CA public school! SMMC will give you a #FREE 30-min lesson on us as a thank you for supporting the arts (new students only). Arts and music education plays a critical role in the education and development of students, but unfortunately has been underfunded in California. Only one in five public schools has a full-time accredited arts or music teacher, and arts education are frequently the first programs to get cut. Study after study has demonstrated the importance of arts and music education in the development of children and their success in school and in life. Arts and music education improves cognitive development, reasoning, and language acquisition; it correlates with higher student achievement in reading and math; and it leads to increased school attendance. Join our efforts by checking out

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