SMMC Ensembles

Jazz Band & Chamber Ensemble

Here at SMMC we offer fun, inexpensive and inclusive community ensembles to musicians of all ages. The program has two divisions: the junior division and senior division. Each division has two ensemble groups, the big band ensemble & the chamber ensemble. Our program consists of a 12-week long semester where each group rehearses Sundays for 90 minutes. The junior division is perfect for students ages 9-16 who would like to play in an ensemble but can’t commit to the rigorous school program’s schedule. It is also great for students who would like to enhance their group playing skills in a close-knit environment. The senior division is perfect for young adults and adults ages 16 and older that are beginners or picking up an instrument again. With this division, older people who can’t commit or audition for a professional group but would still like to play can hone their skills. At the end of each semester there will be a performance week. During performance week, each group will have the opportunity to perform approximately 1-3 shows. The performances will be comprised of various concert venues, parades and amusement parks around the Los Angeles area.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band ensemble is a jazz style group with approximately 20-22 members. It is comprised of a brassline, saxline, rhythm section and vocalists. Here at SMMC you can play a wide range of musical sections through our big band ensembles. You will enjoy a diverse pallet of music from Chic Corea to Adele or Duke Ellington to Beyoncé. Making it a fun educational experience that includes the history of music and the styles that have captured the hearts of many.

Chamber Ensemble

The Chamber ensemble is an orchestral style group with approximately 20-25 members. Typically, these groups include strings, brass and woodwinds instruments. SMMC’s chamber ensemble offers a dynamic contrast of styles and genres. Members will have a comprehensive section of music to play, from Bach to the Beatles or John Williams to the Frozen soundtrack. In this group, you have the potential to learn classic well-known music from the past as well as music from current movies and tv shows with melodies that people can’t get enough of.

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